The New Normal Pilot

The New Normal is a  new comedy series created by Ryan Murphy and Allison Adler for NBC. The series premiered on September 10, 2012, before moving to its regular schedule on September 11, 2012.

It stars Georgia King as Goldie Clemmons, a single mother who becomes a surrogate for a gay couple, David Murray (Justin Bartha) and Bryan Collins (Andrew Rannells).

Here's the premise from Wikipedia:
Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) are a happy Los Angeles gay couple, with successful careers. The only thing missing in their relationship is a baby. They meet Goldie (Georgia King), a single mother and waitress from Ohio, who has moved to L.A. with her eight-year-old daughter Shania (Bebe Wood) to escape their former life and start anew. Jane (Ellen Barkin), Goldie's conservative and bigoted grandmother, follows her family to the city against her grandaughter's wishes. Goldie decides to become Bryan and David's surrogate, and naturally, her family gets involved.

While it does remind me a lot of Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family, it has its own merits. It's not as funny, but is enjoyable.
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