Haven S03E01 301

I'm a fan of Haven, a supernatural drama television series loosely based on the Stephen King novel "The Colorado Kid", shown on the SyFy channel. I only started watching it a couple of months back and just in time for the 3rd season.
Audrey is held hostage by a mysterious man who will do anything to learn the whereabouts of the Colorado Kid. At the same time, Nathan and Duke work to solve the mystery of the strange UFO-related occurrences afflicting Haven.
The season opens with Audrey tied up in a basement, Nathan and Duke are looking for her but got sidetracked when mysterious alien related occurrences affect Haven. But while Audrey was in the hands of her abductor, she finds out another clue about her past.

Duke has gone a long way from smuggling goods and needing shipping labels for his business. It seems all he does these days are following Audrey and helping her uncover her past.
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