Glee S04E01 - The New Rachel

Rachel begins school at NYADA, where she meets junior Brody Weston (Dean Geyer) and starts classes with a tough dance instructor, Cassandra July (Kate Hudson). At McKinley High, the rebuilding of New Directions begins and Wade "Unique" Adams (Alex Newell) transfers to join the group. Kurt aids director Will Schuester in finding potential recruits, who include Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist) and Puck's half brother Jake (Jacob Artist).

Glee season 4 premiered missing half the cast as most of them graduated high school (story-wise) and left for college. The premiere episode was missing Finn, Puck, Santana, Mercedes, and Mike Chang. (Did I miss anyone?) New characters are introduced, underclassmen who are new members of the glee club, who seem to be replacements of the former New Directions members.

First we have a new Puckerman, Noah's half-brother Jake is introduced. Apparently, Noah doesn't know about Jake. They do have a resemblance, right?

And then Wade "Unique" Adams decided to switch schools to McKinley High and well... I'll just show the image.

With Rachel gone to NYADA, the remaining members of the glee club fight over the position of being the new Rachel. But it seems that the new Rachel is meant for the new transferee student, Marley Rose.

And with Finn MIA, Rachel has been lonely in New York till he meets this gorgeous guy named Brody.

He's hot but not really my type. And last but not the lease, Rachel's teacher in NYADA is KATE HUDSON. She's an awesome addition to this show because we would get to watch her sing, dance, and be mean. Ha! Ha!

I'm excited for this season and I look forward to their numbers.
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