Switched at Birth S01E23

"This Is the Color of My Dreams"
Bay returns from a trip abroad with a new boyfriend, but she must face issues from her past concerning Emmett and Angelo. Meanwhile, Daphne seeks employment help from Kathryn; and Regina impulsively makes a big decision.

I love this show because it's unique and heartwarming. I thought its return was the mark of a second season, but apparently season 1 will have 30 episodes. WOW!

After what happened last time, Bay appears to have moved on and even brings home a rebound boyfriend. Emmett is still hopeful that Bay would forgive him, he gives her a map which she ignored for a couple of days before finally deciding on checking it out. That's my favorite part of the episode.

Meanwhile, Daphne tries to get a summer job and fails, but with the help of Kathryn, she lands a job in a restaurant with a hot chef who seems like a douche. BUT I like this chef, he's a potential love interest/crush for Daphne.

I missed Emmett, he's my favorite character. He's lovely and passionate especially when he signs. *drools*
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