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I've been out of the loop with new music and movies for a while and I just saw these videos of Katy Perry's songs. I heard both in the radio and Wide Awake was something I liked the first time I heard it, only by the time I'd get home, I'd forget that it exists.

A couple of days ago I was browsing YouTube and found these and I just want to share some of my thoughts.

Wide Awake

I liked this video so much because it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. It has such a fantastic fantasy theme like it was pulled out from the pages of a book. It's lovely. Although, I wondered what it is with Katy and shooting sparks from her body. LOL

Part of Me

With this one, I know it's the title of her biographical movie, one I only found out weeks before its release. I don't know how I feel for this, so she gets hurt and decides to join the Army. Okay, I kinda get the message but I don't know...

Both songs are part of the Teenage Dream: The Complete Confections
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