Blake Lively's HUGE Wedding Ring

I haven't been in touch with Hollywood gossip in a long while and I was so surprised to hear about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. My shocked response was "WHAT? NOOO! WHY??? WHATTHEHELLNOOOOOOO!" I am not a fan of Blake Lively, not match of a fan of Ryan Reynolds either but I like his movies and loved him as Deadpool in Marvel's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

For some reason, my brains associates Blake Lively with a 4-letter word that starts with 'S' - and no, it's not Serena, because that's 6 letters.

Yesterday I clicked a link that brought me here, a page with photos of Ryan, Blake, and her HUGE wedding ring.

The ring is gorgeous! I happen to like shiny things and that rock is so shiny, I can see it from here. O_O

I don't want to be all negative or a party pooper, but I wonder how long will this relationship last?
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