The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale

No spoilers here. Promise.

Yes, yes, I'm a week late. At least by now you have probably seen the season finale and even though I promised that no spoilers are to be written here, there might be some hints about what the episode holds.

Were you expecting that to happen? I guess I wasn't really expecting that to happen this early. Is it still early? I guess the series reached the point where it had to be done. Again, a lot of characters will be greatly missed. Us fans can only hope that we would see them again, maybe in flashbacks or something. Death had to happen, and I don't think anyone wanted to see our beloved characters die.

How the story unfolded was greatly delivered in my opinion. How the story before Elena's life changed was properly written. The cliffhanger totally has us on the edge of our seats and most are probably either re-watching the whole series or just the last season, or are listening to emo songs and sulking in their rooms wishing for the 4th season to come sooner. I know Tumblr people are.

Comparing it to the books, I wouldn't really know because I've only read The Awakening and I thought the TV show was better. That's a first for me since I've always said books are always better than film or TV adaptations. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. But after that finale, I want to continue reading the book series again.

What lies ahead for Elena Gilbert? And why are the writers making us hate Bonnie Bennett? I don't know about you but I am not liking her right now. When will season 4 come out and can fall please come sooner? XD
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