The Secret Circle Season Finale

What is it with The Secret Circle that no matter how lame I think the show is, I still watch it anyway? Maybe it's because it was adapted from a young adult novel written by the same person who wrote The Vampire Diaries and is produced by the same TV network? I don't know. The show is so lame but somehow I am still interested to find out what would happen next. Maybe it's Britt Robertson's acting too. She's unconvincing and I find her acting annoying.

Anyway, the show's finale was interesting a bit despite the fact stated above. I don't know if the show was picked up for another season and if it is, I don't know if I'd still watch it. I am however, intrigued with where this is going. Four new characters will be introduced next season, if there is one. Also, that witchy gps tracking thing they did last episode would definitely be useful in real life. It would totally help me with finding things that I can't find.
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