Re-watched: Clueless [1995]

Clueless is a famous teenybopper film from the 90s which starred Alicia Silverstone as a popular high school girl who was, kind of, an airhead.

A US West Coast teen lifestyle parody centered around Cher, a popular high school girl who spends her days playing match-maker, helping her friends with fashion choices, and looking for a boyfriend.
It is a stupid film but it is well-known during its time. The only actors who "made it big" are Alicia and Brittany Murphy (R.I.P.). Oh and how Cher (Silverstone) talk was quite annoying too. So conyo. They have petty problems and asks questions like, or "does myoripped work?".

I guess kids or teenagers would still like this kind of movie. I don't know. Maybe. It makes me think how lame we 90s kids are. LOL.
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