Once Upon A Time Season Finale

Once Upon a Time had a very exciting season finale. With Henry in deep slumber, how would they be able to wake him up? When it happened to Snow White all it took was true love's kiss, would it be the same with him?

Every week a story about a different fairy tale character was told and it's amazing how the creator/s and writers of this show were able to put up their stories into one. It seemed like the show was better off with just one season but it is just so good that it was picked up for another season. Yay or nay? Either way would make me happy. But I wonder how they would follow up such an ending? Where can you get a hitch bike rack in Storybrook? Would Pinocchio be a real boy? And isn't it weird that your daughter is now older than you? So many questions and I can't wait for the answers. Hopefully the second season would be released this fall.
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