More New Fall Shows and Those That Had To Be Dropped

Pan Am, Terra Nova, and Suburgatory are new shows that premiered at the last week of September. It's been about two weeks and I am only writing about them now. As the saying goes, better late than never.

Pan Am caught my interest for two things, first it reminded me of a segment in the movie Catch Me If You Can and second, my mom is a flight attendant. After watching the pilot, I must say that it's pretty interesting; It has drama, conspiracy, and some mystery, as we're still getting to know the characters and their lives.

Terra Nova pilot was so long, it felt like a draggy movie, but near its end things got interesting when the "slasher" dinosaurs came after some teens. It reminded me so much of Jurassic Park. Plot-wise, it's looking good so far and there's still more to learn about the plans for Terra Nova. A few minutes into the pilot and I couldn't help but think at how this show is defying the laws of time travel as per Doctor Who. Then it was explained that this prehistoric time they occupied is not adjacent to their timeline, if i understood correctly (as I got distracted), it's in an alternate universe. Which defies the concept of alternate universes in Fringe. But then again, this is a totally different show.

Anyway, right now it's good so far and I'm giving it a few more episodes before i decide to keep it or drop it. Honestly, i like the girls and there's a hunky guy too.

Suburgatory was not in my list originally because I didn't feel like adding it after i saw the preview video. I wasn't interested in it but since I found out it made my friend's list, i decided to give it a shot. So far I think it's okay, I'm giving it a few more episodes too before i decide to keep or drop it. Let's just say it's lucky I'm in the mood for comedies/sitcoms right now.

And now a couple of new shows that I'm dropping as soon as the pilot episode finished. They are both boring and disappointing, and with all the new season of my favorites, this is just a waste of time and hard drive space. You can forget about  Unforgettable and kick Charlie's Angels in the butt and pretend like they never existed. I didn't even bother giving Unforgettable a second chance, the pilot was enough. I did, however, watch the second episode of Charlie's Angels but didn't bother finishing it. Charlie may get a second chance when the fall shows are over and if I hear reviews about it getting better. I'm not getting my hopes up because it's giving me a vibe that it's not going to last long.
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