[Filipino Films] One Night Only 2008

Last night I had another craving to watch Filipino films. I rarely watch them nowadays and since we don't have cable, I don't get to watch anything at all except the videos I download. Out of all the movies I was able to get a hold of, I chose to watch this 2008 film by Director Jose Javier Reyes.

One Night Only is about a group of people whose lives are somehow intertwined, everything happened in one night and they all ended up in the same place, a motel. It reminded me of the film Jologs, where someone you know knows someone who knows you, or something like that. But unlike the 2002 comedy, I found this movie lame, uninteresting, and a total waste of time (and money, if you watched this in the theater). It was, however, a nice background noise. You know how when you're working on something, you prefer to have the TV or radio on without really having paying attention to it? Yes, this movie was good for something like that.

The only thing that I found remotely amusing is the part with Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis. Their delivery of the roles they play were funny and it felt like a regular sitcom. My least favorite part was the one with Chokoleit. Never liked his face, his acting and never found him funny. Ever. It could have done without his bit but of course, a gay angle has to be played since there was a tomboy character. The other male actors were unimpressionable, then again the focus is on the ladies.

Apart from the above mentioned, also starring in this film are Katrina Halili, Jennylyn Mercado, Diana Zubiri, Valerie Concepcion, Jon Avila, Joross Gamboa, Ogie Diaz, Manilyn Reynes, and Ricky Davao.
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