Thoughts About Gossip Girl Season 5 Pilot

I have been following Gossip Girl since it started in 2007 and after 4 seasons, I decided to drop it. Why? Because it was getting boring. But my friend Issa convinced me to give season 5 another shot so she has someone to talk about it with and I did.

In all fairness, i think this was a good pilot with  major changes in everyone's lives. Blair is to marry a Prince, Serena got a job as an assistant in Hollywood, Chuck is on a yacht, still sleeping with random women (I guess he uses protection as he has yet to contract any STDs so far) but with a different outlook in life (ever wondered if he maybe had help in alcoholism treatment centers as he has been getting drunk and wasted since he was 16 or younger?), and Nate.. Well, he's still boring, in my opinion.

There's nothing really spectacular about this episode, except that speculation that either Serena or Blair was pregnant. Dorota found a home pregnancy test in the trash bin and has been trying to confront Blair about it. B, unaware of this information, is busy planning her wedding with her mother and Louis' mother, who is insistent on making everything go the way as she wants it.

Oh right, i totally forgot about Dan. Well... He was spending time in the Hampton's as a guest of CeCe's during the summer. What happened to him after that is a spoiler for those who haven't seen it yet.

The episode ends with an unfortunate sighting of someone from the not-so-distant past.
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