The Secret Circle, Pilot Leaked

The Secret Circle is a new American show from CW, based on the book series with the same title written by L.J. Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries. The pilot was set to be released on September 15, but was leaked days earlier. I had the opportunity to watch the leaked pilot last night.

Synopsis from Wikipedia:
Set in the fictional town of Chance Harbor, Washington, the series will follow a California teenager who learns that she comes from a family of witches. Cassie, the main character, lost her mother in what she believes is an accident, leaving her an orphan. She quickly finds friends at her new school and finds out the secret of her family's history and the history of all the town's witches. But then she finds an old paper book which has another secret in it, her mother's death might not have been an accident.

Verdict? I say it's worth following. I'm a sucker for witchcraft plots so i'd pretty much watch anything related to the topic, even if it sucks. But this doesn't.. so far. There's so much mystery behind the circle and the accident 16 years ago which caused each of them to lose a parent.

The pilot will air on the CW on Thursday, September 15, right after The Vampire Diaries.

Now i want to read the book. =\
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