Fall TV Pilot Week Review

Fall TV piloted last week along with a couple of new shows and though i am late in reviewing them individually, i decided to write it in a single post instead. For those who have not seen any of the pilots yet, do not worry, this post is spoiler free.

Warning: Super long post.

Starting off with shows that aired last Sept. 16, which technically falls under two weeks ago, but that's when Fall TV started.

A webisode of Misfits was released to give an explanation as to why Nathan isn't around in season 3. As most of you know, Robert Sheehan did not sign up for the 3rd season. What i don't understand, however, is why they need to find a replacement, a new 5th guy to "complete" the group. They could have just continued with 4 people instead. What is there to watch out for in this seasons? Despite Sheehan's absence, i'd still watch the serie for Simon and Kelly, what new powers they possess and what trouble awaits them. Official pilot of season 3 will be out in November 12.

The Secret Circle's pilot was leaked a couple of days before it aired on TV and i wrote about it already. Although after seeing the 2nd episode last Friday, i may or may not be losing interest in following this show. There's still a lot of mystery surrounding the characters but the spell chanting is a bit lame in my opinion. They could lose the words/chanting and give it fierce looks or hand gestures or whisper like what Bonnie Bennett does in TVD. That being said, i'd still give this show a chance and wait for future episodes.

Now that Stefan went with Klaus to be his bitch, what will Elena and Damon do? Look for him of course! For some reason, The Vampire Diaries is still interesting as each character has their own problems to deal with. Jeremy has ghosts of girlfriends' past haunting him, Matt is somehow still looking for answers, Alaric is drowning himself in alcohol and is still best buds with Damon, Tyler and Caroline sorting out their feelings for each other, Damon is keeping Elena safe and is doing everything he can to stop her from looking for Stefan and getting in more danger, and Bonnie is nowhere in sight. What will happen if Klaus finds out that his precious doppelgänger is still alive? Is that what's in store for us this season?

A new show called 2 Broke Girls premiered last Tuesday, Sept. 20, starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. It's about a girl who has worked all her life and a rich girl who lost all her money and has to do manual labor. It's pretty funny, but i get that feeling that it won't last long.

How I Met Your Mother season 8 premiered with a back-to-back episode which made it seem like they're about to reveal who the mother is. It started with Barney in his wedding, getting a bit of cold feet. Who his bride is was not revealed yet but i still think it's Robin. Marshall and Lily are still pregnant with their first baby and Ted is taking destiny in his own hands.

Glee had a pretty weird 3rd season pilot, in my opinion. Chord Overstreet is not in the episode, apparently his dad got a promotion and had to move the whole family to wherever and i don't think we'll be seeing him this last season. Not that i care. They also mentioned that Lauren isn't coming back to glee club. Again, not that i care. Some Glee kids are graduating and i'm a bit surprised that Kurt is in the same grade level as Finn, Rachel, and Puck. I thought he was younger. Oh and Quinn's new thing is the weirdest.

Another new show that my junkie friends and I were waiting for is New Girl, which stars Zooey Deschanel as a geeky girl who broke up with her boyfriend after finding out he wasn't a faithful lover, she moves in with 3 guys in their apartment and sulks. I'm not sure where this is going but so far it's tolerable, the first episode was a tad bit annoying but i like Zooey so i'll be watching this for a couple more episodes.

Unforgettable had an interesting plot, at least for me, so i decided to add it to the list of new shows i'll check out. The lead character has hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to remember everything. That's what caught my interest, but watching the pilot was boring. A bit draggy. I'll leave it at that.

So why am I still watching CSI? After Warrick's death, Sidle then Grissom leaving, Langston joining, and Sidle coming back, I'm still a bit hopeful that Grissom would want to return since his wife who was supposedly traumatized or something came back. Twelfth season piloted with Langston nowhere in sight and a new guy, who is the new supervisor. There's a part of me that wants to drop this show but it has been part of my life for years now that i can't just drop it.

I stopped watching Criminal Minds after i finished season 5, but a friend told me to catch up to it with season 7 coming soon, and i did. Season 6 was when JJ had to leave and Emily died, but in the end, we all knew she survived. Now they're both back in season 7 and i am one happy fan! What will happen next?

Revenge is another new show whose pilot was leaked days or weeks before it's airing. It is pretty interesting and although we already know what's going to happen in the end (it was shown at the beginning of the pilot and i don't know where they are going with this), it will still be interesting to find out how she was able to pull this ending off. Now the question is, and i am thinking of waaaay into the future, how will season 2 be like?

Modern Family is now on it's 3rd season and the Pritchett/Dunphy/Tucker-Pritchett family is still hilarious. From what it looks like in the pilot, it's been months or maybe even years since the last season because Lily is a toddler now, played by a different kid.

Grey's Anatomy season 8. So many things has happened and they're all still here, with additional characters. The two-hour pilot was more about personal drama and less about people with conditions, but that's what Grey's is about. Some weeks ago i heard about Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo leaving the show or something, if Ellen's leaving and the only Grey left is Lexie, it wouldn't be the same! Oh well.

When I heard that The Mentalist was renewed for another season, I was so happy! This is one of my favorite shows and I just love Simon Baker. Last season, Patrick Jane finally killed a guy who claimed that he is Red John. We can safely assume that he's going to be/is in jail for his crime. So what will happen now?

New show! Charlie's Angels produced by Drew Barrymore. The pilot was okay but Minka Kelly can't act. I'm going to keep watching this show though. There's just something about the title that makes me want to keep on watching even if it sucks. Not that it does, it's just not that great... so far.

The Big Bang Theory season 5. Leonard is now in a long distance relationship with Priya since she's back in India. Remember that season four ender? Penny and Raj.. naked in the same bed! What was that all about, right? Well in the pilot we find out what's the deal with that. Sheldon is still funny but at some point he is annoying as f*ck.

I am a new fan of Community, after giving in to peer pressure since all my junkie friends watch and love it. I finished two seasons just in time for the 3rd season pilot. No regrets here, the third season pilot was not as funny as the previous episodes, in my opinion. But it is still.

Save the best shows for last. WHERE IS PETER? Fringe season two ended with Peter never ever existing! How can this be? How will they bring him back? Season 3 pilot was good. A lot of questions waiting to be answered. How can the two worlds co-exist in the same plane? The pilot was great.

Nikita on it's second season is good so far. She and Michael are now working together and Alex is confused or something. What else is there to say without spoiling things?

And finally Supernatural. Cas is God. What are Sam, Dean and Bobby going to do about it? Is Cas going to be the new God for real? The season 7 pilot was pretty good but what more is there to look out for after what happened in the pilot? Are they going back to hunting monsters? Are Demons still around?

You can tell by the last few "reviews" that i got a tad bit lazy in thinking of what to write about next. It's so hard to write about the pilots without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet. So hard. But i hope it helps or something, some shows had great pilots, the others bombed. We have different tastes but reading reviews helps us keep our minds open for other opinions about the shows we love to watch.

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