Fall Line-up 2011

Our favorite shows on break are coming back with new seasons! My friends made their list some days ago and although we pretty much watch the same shows i thought, "Maybe i should make one too."

Doing this in bullet form.

  • The Vampire Diaries season 3, Sept. 15 [Can't wait to find out if Delena will finally happen and what's in Stefan's future. Also, very intriguing events with Jeremy.]
  • Misfits season 3, Sept. 15 [Sheehan leaving made me think twice on following this show, but i want to find out if it's still going to be amazing without him. I'm giving the new guy a chance.]
  • How I Met Your Mother season 7, Sept. 19 [Will we ever learn who the mother is? Will Barney and Robin end up together?]
  • Glee season 3, Sept. 20 [I'm not sure why i still watch this. Season 2 was a bit lame and i skipped a lot of the song numbers. Heather Morris FTW tho.]
  • Criminal Minds season 7, Sept. 21 [I heard JJ's going to be back! I love this group especially Reid and, Morgan and Penelope's flirty banter.]
  • Modern Family season 3, Sept. 21 [One of the best comedies i've seen. Every episode never fails to make me laugh. I wonder what they have in store for us.]
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (LV) season 12, Sept. 21 [I've considered dropping this but it has become a big part of my life that i'm going to keep watching it.]
  • Community season 3, Sept. 22 [New fan of this show. I've only started watching last week because my friends threatened to end our friendship. No regrets! Very funny show, i'm almost done with season 2 too! Just in time for the 3rd season.]
  • The Big Bang Theory season 5, Sept.22 [I must admit, it's not as funny as it was before. IMO, Sheldon is the only thing that's funny and it gets annoying sometimes. I want to find out if Leonard and Penny are getting back together but that story line is getting old too fast. It was a good decision, however, to add Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette in the group.]
  • Grey's Anatomy season 8, Sept. 22 [I heard Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo are leaving the show! How can it be "Grey's" then? Well, there's Lexie and i love her but it is not the same. Although there are other lovable casts, it will never be the same. Why do i still watch this? I'm not sure, but maybe just like CSI, this has become a part of my life. It's my weekly dose of drama. It never fails to make me cry.]
  • The Mentalist season 4, Sept. 22 [Oh my. Jane killed a guy who claimed he was Red John. Is this for real? What will happen to Jane now that he is a murderer? I am so excited and happy that this show keeps getting renewed.]
  • Nikita season 2, Sept. 23 [Nikita and Michael are finally together while Alex is recruited by the people behind Division. And now that she knows who really killed her father, how will this affect her friendship with Nikita?]
  • Fringe season 4, Sept. 23 [WHERE IS PETER? At the end of last season, Peter disappeared from the face of the Earth and no one remembers him ever existing, not Walter nor Olivia. And what happens now that the two universes have collided? If you're still not watching this show, WHAT IS YOUR LIFE?]
  • Supernatural season 7, Sept. 23 [Castiel is the new god. 'Nuff said.]
  • Gossip Girl season 5, Sept. 26 [I want to drop this show simply because it has become dragging, IMO. It's the same story over and over again. But it's still in the list because i might still watch this after the season ends, depending if the story picks up. CHAIR was sooo two seasons ago.]
  • House season 8, Oct. 3 [So it's Prison Break now? House is going to prison for what he did in Cuddy's house, right? That's what i've seen in the season poster. And the latter is leaving the show for good. What's going to happen then?]
  • Psych season 6, Oct. 12 [Yes! I missed Shawn and Gus and i am happy that this show was not canceled. These guys are so fun together and now that Shawn and Juliet are dating, where does this leave Gus?]
  • Pretty Little Liars second part of season 2, Oct. 19 [The girls still don't know who A and after their psychologist figured it out and went missing, they have to do what it takes to save her life. I wonder how far this show can go. Will the suspects behind Aly's death have to die every season ender?]
  • Chuck season 5, Oct. 21 [Final season of Chuck, Morgan is the new intersect! This would be fun.]

Every good thing must come to an end. The end of some shows makes room for new ones, and there are a handful of upcoming shows that seem interesting and good enough to watch. I didn't want to research about upcoming shows but my friends' choices caught my interest so i watched some previews.

  • The Secret Circle Sept. 15 [From the same author of The Vampire Diaries comes this story about witches. Yes! My kind of thing. Also from the CW, the actors aren't appealing to me at all. Anyway, we'll see in a couple of days.]
  • 2 Broke Girls Sept. 19 [Two words. Kat Dennings. I have always liked her and i don't remember when it started, but i just do.]
  • New Girl Sept. 20 [Zooey Deschanel. Like KD, i like Z.. The pilot of this show was leaked and i watched it already. So far it was 'meh' but i'll give it a couple more chances.]
  • Unforgettable Sept. 20 [Another cop show. I'm interested because the lead is suffering from hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to remember everything.]
  • Revenge Sept. 21 [Like New Girl, the pilot was leaked and i watched it too. It's intriguing and the lead is beautiful. Although I already know how this will end, I'd still want to know how it came to that decision.]
  • Charlie's Angels Sept. 22 [Produced by Drew Barrymore, it's another re-vamp of the classic series. I hope it's good!]
  • Pan Am Sept. 24 [Watching the trailer reminds me of that scene from Leo di Caprio's movie Catch Me If You Can and Gwyneth Paltrow's View From the Top. I'm watching this because my mom's a flight attendant. I'll most likely watch it with her.]
  • Terra Nova Sept. 26 [I had absolutely no idea what this was about but my friends seem to like the plot. I think it's post-apocalyptic.. and then they invented a time machine of some sort to go back in time and save the human race but they ended up in pre-historic times. Reminds me of Jurrasic Park.]
  • Once Upon A Time Oct. 23 [I'm not sure but i think this is about a place where your life becomes or is part of a story from classic bedtime stories? IDK. Kinda like Adam Sandler's movie but different? LOL. I'm watching it coz i like fantasy fiction.]
  • I Hate My Teenage Daughter Nov. 30 [I chanced upon this when i was watching trailers from YouTube. I think it's funny so i'm going to check it out.]
This list will probably be shorter or longer depending on my friends and the shows they will keep watching. Some did not appeal to me but if their verdict is good then maybe i'd give it a shot. That's nineteen shows plus 10 new ones. I still have some that's currently showing and old shows that have ended that i want to watch. Good luck to me.

As my friend Nicole said, "Let's get our adik on!"
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