Transformers: Dark of the Moon [2011]

Another film Mia and I watched in 3D is Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon). We made a reaction video on the movie but i forgot that we had it and now it feels too late to edit and publish.

In this third installation of Transformers, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) can't hold a job down and is now living with his new girlfriend Carly Spencer (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). Apparently Mikaela (Megan Fox) broke up with him after a few months/years of being together. And to think they helped saved the world from the Decepticons.

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, are now residing in our planet, helping the government in some secret project that even Sam can't even visit Bumble Bee any time he wants. It's just my opinion but i think Sam was annoying and a bit of a jerk in this movie, but you know, he helped save the world twice so i guess he's entitled to be a jerk.

My opinions about the movie, however, are not good. It started with a back story, a history that doesn't have anything to do with the first two films. But since the bad guy was defeated in the last film, this was what he needed, a technology from their lost world to help him heal or something, so he can finally defeat Oprimus Prime. Honestly, i think the plot was good.. but it was not executed well. Yes, there was action, but we found it annoying they talked too much, tried to explain the reason behind every action they needed to do. There was a bit of comedy, but it felt like a stretch. A lot of scenes felt excessive, they were of no importance and these scenes, i feel, are the once that usually get cut in final production.

Another thing was that ridiculous "i don't get dirty with all the running, hiding, and jumping we do here" that the leading lady seems to sport all the time. During the second film, i thought it was funny that Megan Fox didn't get dirty or had any bruises after all the things they've been through but now with Rosie, it was worse! She was even wearing white! They ran, jumped, and debris was falling on them most of the time, but in the end.. she was still clean and had no bruising any where in her body. Not even sweat in her forehead! And the poses, i know she's a model but this is a goddamn war! What's with all the poses like they're in a photoshoot? It was ridiculous.

Anyway, we rated this movie 5 or 6. Because for some reason, we were bored and couldn't wait for the movie to finish.
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