Captain America [2011]

After being disappointed with Transformers 3, Mia and I watched Captain America in 3D because i heard from my geeky online friends that it was a good film and worth watching in 3D. It did not disappoint. We were glued to the screen from beginning till end, everything was awesome. It was definitely worth watching in 3D, every time there's an explosion, it feels like it's happening in front of you. When he threw his shield our reflexes had us ducking. The end was a bit sad in my opinion, but it totally makes sense, it fits with the story of The Avengers, which will be released in 2012.

No long blog posts here, all i can say is that the movie was awesome and Chris Evans was perfect for the role. I am almost ready for the Avengers next year, but i have to see Thor first. His is the only one i haven't seen yet. ;)
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