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I haven't blogged in a while, some things came in the way. Then i remembered i had this blog that needs attention. Obviously, i'm still keeping this theme. I might change it soon.

Anyway, i'm here to talk about The Pretty Reckless. It's Taylor Momsen's rock band. If you have no idea who Taylor Momsen is, she's Jenny from the CW show Gossip Girl. I call her raccoon girl because she always wear very dark and thick eye make-up and her complexion is so white.

At first i wasn't into their music. I saw one of their music videos before but i thought it was just okay, i admit i was a bit biased back then for reasons i can't really explain but i was amazed when i heard her sing. She has a very deep voice for someone her age. What got me interested to give them a listen once again was my friend Issa, who has good taste in music, whose opinion matter to me. She loved the album and doesn't care what people think of it, she also likes Taylor's taste in fashion. Let me quote her post,

With vocals reminiscent of Joan Jett, Cherie Currie’s wardrobe, Amy Lee’s commanding presence, Alanis Morissette’s wit and Kate Moss’s body, Momsen has seemingly taken the best from the greats and infused her own dangerous, devil-may-care style into the mix.


I totally agree with her assessment of the band and that's what actually caught my interest and it made me realize that that's what Taylor Momsen is, a mix of everything.

The Pretty Reckless' first album entitled Light Me Up was released on August 30, 2010 in the UK. They released their first single on May 13, 2010. I have fully listened to their album 3 times already and i like the music they created, i still haven't decided which track is my favorite.

So yeah, if you like rock andor has an open mind when it comes to music (or anything else in general), why don't you give The Pretty Reckless a try and listen to their awesome album, Light Me Up.
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