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Shameless is an American television drama series based on the award-winning British series of the same name. The series follows the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher (Willian H. Macy), a single father of six children. While he spends his days drunk, his kids learn to take care of themselves.

Emmy Rossum stars as Fiona, the first born who takes care of everything and everyone in their family. From the story, Frank is always out drinking and only comes home to sleep or to get his disability check when it arrives. After a few episodes, he "moves out" of the house and starts living in with Sheila (Joan Cusack). Phillip, aka Lip, is a very smart young man and he uses his smarts to make money by taking SAT exams on behalf of students who need to pass it. Ian is in ROTC and also works as a help in a convenience store but he turns out to be gay. Debbie is a sweet kid who cares for everyone, she's smart too. Carl just likes to blow things up.

The Gallagher's are very dysfunctional but you'd have to admire how they deal with their problems. Then comes Steve, a somewhat mysterious young man who has taken interest in Fiona.

In the last couple of episodes before they went on break (or was it the season finale?), Frank was looking for a job where he can get a disability insurance and get himself injured so he could claim the benefits. It's a scam, really.

We'd have to wait for the next episode (or season?) to find out what will happen next. Fiona was supposed to go away with Steve but instead, goes to get the job she was offered to do.
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