Catching up with The Mentalist

I stopped watching The Mentalist for a while because i've been piled up with other TV shows, but last night i've caught up with the latest episodes and it really is a fun show to watch.

Simon Baker appeals to me in a different level. He's cute and funny and i just want to pinch his cheeks. He plays the role of Patrick Jane, a mentalist, who consults for the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation, it sounds made up but it's real. They have a website and everything, according to Jane). He's been helping the bureau because he wants to catch the man who murdered his family, a serial killer they called Red John. They're now in season 2 but that angle of story has been sidetracked. If they catch that killer then the story would end.

I also like the other cast, there's something about them that appeals to me. I recommend it if you want something light to watch.
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