Tangled [2010]

I finally watched Tangled last week. It is such a cute movie and a refreshing tale of Rapunzel. It's about time that Disney added her to the list of Princesses that little girls looked up to.

Tangled's plot is somewhat similar with the Rapunzel story we all knew, although they made a few changes to make it more Disney-like. Mandy Moore is the voice behind Rapunzel while Zachary Levi lent his voice to Flynn, her "prince".

While watching it, i noticed some things that didn't quite fit at first, but was then ~*~sort of~*~ explained in the near end. An example would be, how did the mother climb up the tower when Rapunzel was still a baby/toddler/kid? It was shown in the near end that there's a blocked secret passage that the mother used to reach the top. But then, how did she bring all the items in the tower? Like the bed or a couch, and i'm assuming there's a fridge and stove there somewhere. Why do i bother with these questions anyway? Hahaha!

Another thing that bugged me was why didn't the mother change Rapunzel's name when she kidnapped her? Wasn't it a bit reckless to keep the baby's name if you never want her to be found? Aah.. so many questions. I doubt kids would even bother questioning it, as long as they enjoyed the movie. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed it too and i think it's so cute. All the main characters are cute, Rapunzel, Flynn, Maximus, and the chameleon whose name i forgot. Hehe.
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