Last night my mom needed to use the internet so i gave her the Sun Broadband stick but i got bored and looked for the SmartBRO plug-it stick. Fortunately i still had enough credits to pass to that other number and i registered for unlimited internet. The speed surprised me as it was hitting 2.30mpbs and higher. Being the download addict that i am, i couldn’t let this pass. I felt like it will be a waste if i just used it for browsing so i started downloading Legend of the Seeker.

There are other shows i would like to watch but i chose this one because it caught my interest and i like fantasy fiction. Plus it has only two seasons because it was canceled, which means i could easily finish this and not worry about upcoming episodes.

I watched the 2-hour pilot (more like an hour and half because there's no commercials), and so far i like it. It is somewhat similar with King Arthur's story. An old wizard is helping him and he has a sword, like Arthur's excalibur but not quite. So far i have 17 episodes from the first season and hopefully i'll be able to finish the rest in the weekend.
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